[Basic Lesson 3] Basic Biblical Knowledge Lesson 1

Every beginning of the year, we Christians make a new year’s resolution: Reading the whole Bible within a year.
Mostly we start from Genesis, the very beginning of the Bible, and go to Exodus, then Leviticus – this is the first hardship of our resolution – thinking, do Christians nowadays need to know this law? Why the repetitive contents are written here? What? Did they treat patients as sinners? and so on.

Reading the Bible is great, but, knowing the Bible itself helps us understand the Bible. Like why God gave this to us, in what categories we can sort the Biblical contents, the background of each book, etc.

Check this video to learn background of the Bible first.

One thought on “[Basic Lesson 3] Basic Biblical Knowledge Lesson 1

  1. It’s a miracle that we are living in an era spiritually when the 66 books of the Bible – including Revelation – can be explained plainly. God must want people to let go, open their hearts and listen❤️


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