Now Big Apple Knows the Truth!

I came to tell you the big news!

Shincheonji Chairman Man Hee Lee’s writings were on New York newspapers for five days from 12th to 16th July in both English and Spanish. No kidding! IT IS real. Let’s take a look.

AM Metro NY

Desi Talk

El Correo

Albany Herald
Riverdale Press

It is something, right? What is he saying? Here’s the closer look.

“The True Pastor Promised by Jesus in the New Testament, Revelation

I, Man Hee Lee, am sent by Jesus as the promised pastor to the churches (Revelation 22:16).

I was sent so that the pastors and their congregation members can understand the events that would soon take place (which are Revelation’s events), as promised in Rv1:1-2 and in Rv10.

What I am about to tell you are the prophecies of Revelation and how it has actually taken place, according to what I have seen and heard. Jesus promised the events of Revelation approximately 2,000 years ago and he has fulfillment of all the chapters of Revelation, from Revelation 1-22 (refer to Revelation 22:8).

At the time of Jesus’ first coming, God opened the words of the Old Testament that were sealed up (Ezekiel 2), and he accomplished it. Jesus saw the fulfillment (refer to John 5:17-19), ate the words of the opened scroll and then testified the events he had seen to the Israelites (Ezekiel 3, Matthews 15:24).

At the time of Jesus’ second coming, Jesus opened the words of Revelation in the New Testament – which were sealed with seven seals – and fulfilled it. I have seen the accomplished events, received the words of the opened scroll according to Revelation 10 and I give this testimony, which are the words of the opened scroll, to the churches.

Please listen to this testimony for yourself. If what I testify is not true, please correct me. What I speak is certainly the truth.

The Lord promised Revelation in the New Testament, and this is the new covenant. He has also fulfilled it just as he had promised. Why are there people who do not believe it?

The source of Christianity is God and Jesus. I am the witness who has seen and heard Revelation’s fulfillment, which Jesus had fulfilled, and I give my testimony of those works. There are people who falsely claim that I am a religious sec leader, claiming to be Jesus. These people claim this kind of false accusation because they do not know what Revelation has promised. I am not Jesus, nor am I a religious sect leader. I am the witness of Revelation’s fulfillment.

The proof that I have witnessed Revelation’s fulfillment is that I have understood all of Revelation and even know how it has fulfilled and taken place. Thank you.”

“Come and Listen

Bible Seminar

July 21 and July 22 at 7p.m. via Zoom”

Did you see that? There’s online Bible Seminar from 21st to 22nd July.

Come and listen!

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