Now Is the Time of Harvest

If you’re a christian who is waiting for Jesus’ second coming, you might heard of this: harvest.

He said he’ll come back with angels to harvest, gather people from east to west.

Now is the time of Jesus’ second coming and of harvest.

We wish to convey the news about this harvest.

Those who are born (those who receive) of God’s seed (Word) are harvested.

We hope that those who are born of God’s seed will meet a harvester and be harvested.

Each tribe is currently testifying the prophecy and its fulfilled realities of the entire Book of Revelation (chapters 1-22).

Those who wish to know can participate.

The second coming of Jesus comes to the promised pastor, who is promised in the prophecies of the 4 gospels and in the prophecies of Revelation.

Jesus fulfils the prophecies at the time of New Testament Revelation’s fulfilment, and the promised pastor is the one who saw and heard everything that is fulfilled from Rev 1 to Rev 22.

Only the one who has seen the Revelation that Jesus fulfilled every chapter from chapter 1 to 22 can testify the entire Book of Revelation.

Those who do not get harvested are those who are indifferent even after hearing the news about arvest, those who are not moved even when they hear that the prophecies of Revelation are being fulfilled, and the non-believers.

If one adds to or takes words away from Revelation, one cannot enter the kingdom of heaven and receives plagues (Rev 22:18-19).

Not trying to know Revelation despite knowing this fact is the same as not carrying a true life of faith but a superficial life of faith and these people are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The absence of the doctrine or the Word in a church, pastor or church members is the evidence that God, who is the Word, and Jesus are not together with them.

Between heavens and earth, the only place that has mastered the Bible Between heavens and earth is Shincheonji and its congregation members.

Come and see for yourself. And listen.

If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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