Helping Hands in Korea – Shincheonji’s 3rd Blood Plasma Donation

In this hard time of COVID 19 pandemic, we could really use helping hands from religions – you can meditate, pray, search for reassuring quotes, or participate in online services, etc. Religions were meant to help the community and bring peace of mind.

Now, here are reliable helping hands from Shincheonji – another 1,700 Shincheonji members who cured COVID 19 donated their blood plasma to help to develop COVID 19 treatment. (

The United Kingdom and the United States already started vaccination COVID 19 and Korea hasn’t, considering there might be unknown side-effects exist. Rather, Korea looks like choosing to keep developing the treatment, since the current status isn’t urgent, comparing to the UK or the US, to make a quick decision when they don’t know what risk they’re facing. In this situation, Shincheonji members’ blood plasma donation would be the right help for the right need. I hope the world could find peace by getting rid of COVID 19 soon.

2 thoughts on “Helping Hands in Korea – Shincheonji’s 3rd Blood Plasma Donation

  1. 4000+ recovered Shincheonji Church members have donated their blood plasma for COVID-19 treatment across 3 donations. This is an unprecedented gift that will save millions of lives worldwide. Thank you, Shincheonji❤️


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