How I Ended Up in Shincheonji

One thing people miss is where Shincheonji people come from. People tend to think Shincheonji goers just emerge from nowhere. In fact, most of them went to churches where others call ‘normal’ and ‘orthodox’ before becoming members of Shincheonji. So, here’s how I went to Shincheonji and settled my religious life here.



I was born and raised as a Christian. I went to the ‘orthodox’ church in my town since when I was a toddler. The church was full of love, devotion, and respect, but lack of the words of the Bible. The preacher told believers common senses that can be heard from anywhere effortlessly. “Chew your food before you swallow. It’s good for your health,” most of the preach was literally a preach. What’s more, my curiosity for the Bible was often oppressed by missionaries saying this whenever I ask questions: “You’re being arrogant.” How am I supposed to be arrogant when I know nothing about the Bible and want to know more of it? So many unsolved questions loomed inside me.



My thirst for knowledge was growing stronger as the time goes by and was getting intense. That’s when I met Shincheonji. Shincheonji adheres to the Bible and doesn’t oppress the curiosity. They welcome questions. They find answers from the Bible for the questions about the Bible. It’s a simple, but an attractive aspect of the church. I wanted to know about Genesis ‘and’ Revelation and Shincheonji provided knowledge ‘from’ Genesis ‘to’ Revelation. The missionaries are not just loving and caring, but also full of the knowledge of the Bible. They could answer everything I ask without being annoyed. I was very impressed and soon satisfied.



What I love the most about Shincheonji, is a free Bible study. They teach how to read the Bible and the meaning of the words. Have you read Matthew 13? It’s Jesus’ preach about what heaven’s like, but before I learn, I couldn’t see heaven from those metaphors. I’m now able to understand the meaning and think about what I should do to be heaven.

I hope this story might help you to see how actual Shincheonji is like.

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