Shincheonji, the church where Revelation was fulfilled


On the first coming, Jesus promised the second coming and ascended to heaven. Believers should know where and when he will come back to receive him, but how much do we know about the promise? Do you know where the promise is in the Bible?

You might guess it’s Revelation because it’s on the title. You’re right, it’s mostly in Revelation. Then, we need to learn about where and when Jesus will come back, but the thing is, no one can understand Revelation. It’s because all of Revelation was ciphered with difficult metaphors. Why would Jesus do this? Does he want us to suffer? Of course not! It’s because Satan always thwarts God’s plan, so he prevented it by hiding the truth in the metaphors.


Okay, then how do we even learn about the promise? Somebody needs to teach us, but how? Revelation says do not add or take away from Revelation, so we can’t just ‘presume’ what the metaphors mean (Rev. 22:18-19). Don’t panic, the answer is in the Bible.


In Rev.5, Jesus takes the scroll (Revelation) that is sealed with 7 seals from God and opens all of the seals (Rev.6, 8), then gives the scroll to a pastor to eat it (Rev. 10). This pastor’s role is to prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages, and kings (Rev. 10). This pastor not only ate the scroll but also witnessed all fulfillment of Revelation, so he can teach how and when Revelation fulfilled, as the messenger of Jesus. This pastor is the one believers need to come and learn Revelation.


As I mentioned before, this pastor witnessed all fulfillment of Revelation (Betrayal and destruction; 2 Thes.) and did everything following the Bible. He defeated the dragon and his angels following the Bible and created God’s new nation, 12 tribes following the Bible (Rev.7, 14).

These 12 tribes are a new heaven and a new earth (Rev. 21) where the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, comes, Shincheonji (in Korean). Since the promised pastor in Revelation himself directly teaches the believers in Shincheonji, they mastered Revelation and its fulfillment. What’s more, they even were sealed by the words (Rev.7). Learning Revelation from the promised pastor in the very book, doesn’t that much reasonable than wild guessing Revelation? If you agree, learn the truth by accessing the word through an online Bible study.

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