Shincheonji 100,000 Graduation!

Today was a historic day! Over 100,000 people graduated from the mission academy from a single church body.
12 tribes of Shincheonji Church of Jesus united and held a graduation ceremony of 103,764 graduates. Have you ever heard of an event like this before? No church could ever do this! This is why I called it historic.


↑ The event hall couldn’t accommodate all of them, actually. It’s a picture of 60,000 people.
If you’re not familiar with ‘graduating’ a church, let me explain. Normally, the church isn’t a place to graduate, you just go. Everyone accepts you if you go there with good beliefs. They’ll even more welcome if you’re willing to serve God passionately.
However, Shincheonji Church of Jesus isn’t just a place to ‘go’. You have to ‘study’ the Bible from the Bible academy. Still, just ‘studying’ the Bible isn’t good enough to serve God; you need to pass the sophisticated test that has 100 problems. The test is about the Bible – especially about God’s goal throughout 6,000 years and Second coming of Jesus – checking the students if they understood the Bible well. Passing the test and graduating from the academy finally guarantees them a chance to be members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus.
Why are they going through this tough procedure to be church members? It’s because understanding and fulfilling the Bible correctly is the only thing believers should do in the era of Second coming of Jesus (Heb. 8:10-12). Plus, Shincheonji Church of Jesus is the promised church in the Revelation (Shincheonji means New heaven and new earth in Rev. 21 in Korean), so understanding and teaching the Revelation should be flawless upon the Bible (Rev. 22:18-19). That’s the spirit of Shincheonji; believing and serving God upon the Bible.

While it’s hard to be a church member of Shincheonji, 100,000 people gathered today, which means they all have gone through that difficult procedure. When you were told that you need to study the Bible and pass the test to be a believer, you’ll probably doubt the growth of the church. Judging it with common sense, it’s the slowest way to grow a church, but this fact never bothered this church to grow.


↑ Other graduates gathered in Busan and Gwangju church in Korea to graduate.
In 2008, the number of Shincheonji people was 59,055. Now, in 2019, there are 236,017 members! There are 200,000 more people who are currently studying the Bible. So, we can expect at least 200,000 more people to graduate in the next year. What’s the secret? Why are they going to Shincheonji Church of Jesus when it’s very hard to be one of them?
As I mentioned above, it’s because Shincheonji Church of Jesus is promised in Revelation. Since there is a witness of the fulfillment of the Revelation, the promised pastor in the Revelation (Rev. 22:16), the Revelation and the whole Bible are can be clearly explained now in the specific church. The excellence of the word in the church attracts a flock of people even if they need to pass the test to be the promised church members (Rev. 7, 14). The reason for the growth of the church was the word has the worth of hard work.
Interested? You can study the Bible from Zion Online Mission Academy. I insist you to learn more about the Bible to participate in the Revelation.

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  1. 10万名の終了って、本当に驚きますね!


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