Shincheonji Bible Seminar’s ON FIRE!

Where’s the famous place in your country? Hwarang? Paulaner Am Dom? Or, Fat Matt’s Rib Shack?

Well, when they serve the tasty dishes, Gwangju served the tastiest dish of the word in October!

Incheon_Shincheonji_Bible_Seminar1From October 4th, Shincheonji Bible Seminar: Open Bible Seminar on the Second Coming and Harvest started. Thousands of participants attended the seminar place and even Shincheonji churches near the place opened, broadcasting the seminar to accommodate participants since there were too many of them. It seems the promised pastor in Revelation himself traveling across South Korea, lecturing about the Jesus’ second coming and harvest, attracts people even more. Man Hee Lee, the promised pastor traveled 5 cities so far and more and more people are gathering to taste heaven.

(The last city he will visit is Gwangju. if you’re looking for where to watch the seminar:

Here are the participants’ comments about the seminar held in Incheon, Korea.

“It (Shincheonji Church) has great words from the Bible that we must learn. Today’s event was so beneficial. I hope Shincheonji Church will provide this word for the youth and for people throughout Korea. Shincheonji Church respects other religions and also promotes freedom of religion. Slandering other religions and the practise of coercive conversion programs is the worst. We must stop that.”

– Prof. Seokyoung Gohng


“I had a little taste of heaven today. I saw the look of every participant and they looked happy and smiley. I thought to myself, ‘wow, heaven is being created like this’.”

– Mr. Younggil Noh, a citizen in Seoul


As Younggil Noh mentioned, you can feel living heaven in the seminar.

It’s because Shincheonji Church of Jesus is not just a church. It’s the promised church in Revelation, established and operated as the Bible says: it’s God’s home. When you watch the seminar live, you will know what they’re talking about.

Jesus said to us that the time will come when he will tell you plainly about God. The time has come, Revelation is opened, unraveling the metaphors, letting people can understand when, how, where will Jesus come. To discover what believers in this age need to know, don’t miss this chance!

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One thought on “Shincheonji Bible Seminar’s ON FIRE!

  1. These words by Chairman Lee really stuck out to me:-
    “We must believe in the Bible, not in the words of men. We must believe in and verify the word of God for ourselves. One must check whether one is truly saved and whether there is a place one must go to find salvation.”


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