Shincheonji Open Bible Seminar 2019

The first official Shincheonji bible seminar in 2019 was mind-blowing!

This seminar was held under the name of ‘The Bible Seminar on the Second Coming and Harvest’ and the lecturer was chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Man Hee Lee. Since the very person who witnessed the fulfillment of Revelation lectured, about 6,000 participants visited Grand Intercontinental Parnas Hotel, Seoul, South Korea.


The event hall was full, so Shincheonji churches in Seoul and Gyeonggi opened their churches to accommodate participants and live broadcasted the seminar.

According to the participant interviews, participants found this seminar useful and great. Here, I brought some of the interviews.


“It (Shincheonji Church) has great words from the Bible that we must learn. Today’s event was so beneficial. I hope Shincheonji Church will provide this word for the youth and for people throughout Korea. Shincheonji Church respects other religions and also promotes freedom of religion. Slandering other religions and the practice of coercive conversion programs is the worst. We must stop that.”

– Prof. Seokyoung Gohng

“I listened very well to him speaking. It was incredible that Chairman Lee of Shincheonji Church fully explained the Bible with the words of the Bible. I’ve heard that Chairman Lee is now very old, but he was so energetic and vigorous. His words about the harvest time and end time sounded good to me. I believe that we need to live a life that keeps the word of God.”

– Gyeongju Nah, A teacher of Won-Buddhism

“To be honest, I don’t know the Bible much in spite of my position as an ‘Elder’. He, Chairman Lee, explained much about Revelation, such as the 12 tribes and sealed 144,000. Yeah, I’ve read all of them and I know these things are in the Bible. However, he is actually carrying out these words in reality. He really is doing that. I think that this is the right thing, and I also think that I need to do a Bible study.”

– Donghyeon Kim, a church elder


In the seminar, as the seminar title says, the chairman explains about the second coming and how much of Revelation has been fulfilled so far. Also, he questioned the participants if they were harvested, after explaining how can you tell if you’re harvested or not.

Interested? If you’re regretting missing the first seminar, don’t you worry! This seminar is held in 5 other cities in October serial. The next one is on tomorrow, 19:00 (UTC+9) in Incheon, South Korea.

To watch live, visit here. (

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