Shincheonji Bible Seminar’s ON FIRE!

Where's the famous place in your country? Hwarang? Paulaner Am Dom? Or, Fat Matt's Rib Shack? Well, when they serve the tasty dishes, Gwangju served the tastiest dish of the word in October! From October 4th, Shincheonji Bible Seminar: Open Bible Seminar on the Second Coming and Harvest started. Thousands of participants attended the seminar … Continue reading Shincheonji Bible Seminar’s ON FIRE!

What’s so Special About Shincheonji?

Ever gone to Guibin in France? I heard the restaurant is very famous for serving tasty Korean cuisine. While they serve the best cuisine for your stomach, here's the #BestRestaurant in #Seoul that serves the best quality words! Starting from October 4th, Shincheonji Bible Seminar gathered thousands of hundred people in South Korea. Bible seminars … Continue reading What’s so Special About Shincheonji?

Shincheonji Open Bible Seminar 2019

The first official Shincheonji bible seminar in 2019 was mind-blowing! This seminar was held under the name of 'The Bible Seminar on the Second Coming and Harvest' and the lecturer was chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Man Hee Lee. Since the very person who witnessed the fulfillment of Revelation lectured, about 6,000 participants visited … Continue reading Shincheonji Open Bible Seminar 2019