Why ME?

Hard time_Shincheonji_신천지

People in hard times wonder why we live suffering throughout our lives. However, I want to talk about not the rhetorical questions in your heavy sigh. What we will talk about today is about the literal question: “Why is life so hard on me? Is it hard just for me? Why me?”


Why do people need to suffer from living? Is this what God wants us to be? The answer is “NO”.


Lamentations 3: 33 For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to anyone.


God doesn’t want his children to suffer! In addition, what you’re going through is not his fault, too. Then who’s? This takes us back to the era of Adam.


God created the world then gave it to human, Adam and Eve. They were guardians to protect the Garden of Eden.

adam and eve_Shincheonji

They were supposed to not eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but he broke God’s promise, following what serpent, Satan, said. Sinning means belonging to Satan. Therefore, people and the world they ruled were taken over to Satan.

Since sinners can’t live with God, God had to leave the world. This happened 6,000 years ago. The world was ruled by Satan for 6,000 years and that’s how long people suffered from Satan in their lives.

Because God doesn’t want the human to suffer and wanted to recover his people and world, God kept trying to get his world back.

After 6,000 years past from the incident, today is the day when finally God comes to the world again. As Revelation, the last book God and Jesus left to people, fulfills, Satan will be beaten by God and God will rule the world.


Then, finally, the world will be recovered like the world before people started to sin. This is a huge event and lots of people don’t know yet because God hid the truth with metaphors in the Bible to prevent Satan from knowing and sabotaging God’s plan.


Then, shouldn’t we know where to meet God? He promised in Revelation that he will come to a new heaven and a new earth. Where that’s supposed to be? It’s the place where appeared fulfilling Revelation and it already appeared 36 years ago! In fact, it’s meeting its 35th anniversary today. Do you want to know where that is? Drum roll, please…

It’s called Shincheonji, meaning the new heaven and new earth. It’s the promised church in Revelation and its name is also promised in throughout the Bible.


If you’re still skeptical about Revelation and its fulfillment, come visit here and listen to see if it’s truly where God will finally rest.

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