Angels on Earth: Shincheonji Volunteers!

As the sun doesn’t shine only on good people and rain doesn’t rain only on bad people, this particular volunteer group doesn’t discriminate when reaching out their helping hands. This group is Shincheonji Volunteer Group which spreads Jesus’s love as the biggest volunteering group in the world.

Shincheonji Volunteer Group contributes to the development of local communities and helps disadvantaged people in various ways: cleaning streets, making and delivering lunch boxes to the elderly who live alone, providing medical services for people who do not have medical benefits, holding big events on national holidays to inspire patriotism, and giving senior citizens free haircuts at nursing homes.

A picture of volunteers of Shincheonji Volunteer Group Gwangju Branch in Korea, cleaning bus stops in their neighborhood.

They don’t even neglect bus stops, a place most people don’t even think twice about. 30 volunteers of Shincheonji Volunteer Group thoroughly cleaned bus stops, which became dirty due to frequent use. Locals were appreciative of their services.

Hard working people without expectations of recognition or rewards are beautiful because they are practicing Jesus’s love. Why don’t you try spending this week practicing love, not with words, but with actions, just like Shincheonji Volunteer Group?

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