A Hundred NGOs Gathered to Stop Human Rights Violation

RemeberGu_NGO_Ban coercive conversion.JPG


On 29th Dec., 2017, a woman was kidnapped by her own family in the name of ‘coercive conversion’. This incident ended up being very heartbreaking: she resisted attending the coercive conversion program and consequently died. In fact, she had been kidnapped and moved to a remote monastery in the past. After the first incident, she sent a petition, pleading for the punishment of the coercive conversion pastor who manipulated her family to kidnap her and enactment of a law to ban coercive conversion programs, to Korean government. However, the petition was deleted without any answer. Her petition was never answered nor were there any improvement, even after the first anniversary of her memorial service in December 2018. Even now, in 2019, there are victims who are being kidnapped and forced into coercive conversion programs by their families. Around a hundred NGOs gathered in one voice, urging for the improvement of this situation. Approximately 3 million citizens gathered in Seoul, South Korea, to protest the unsolved problem. They urged for a law to ban coercive conversion programs and to disband the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) where coercive conversion program pastors belong. (To watch videos about the press conference and rally, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRiDfzhEpKk&feature=youtu.be. Also, a music video was made to remember the late Miss Gu Ji In. To watch the video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MzQDtlO_Fs&feature=youtu.be)

Freedom is an unalienable right for everyone. Continuous attention should be given to the fact that an organization which violated human rights like it was nothing is still active and that society has chosen to overlook it.

One thought on “A Hundred NGOs Gathered to Stop Human Rights Violation

  1. Since Ms. Gu’s death, there have been 147 confirmed cases of coercive conversion in South Korea and dozens of people are still being confined in remote places against their will. AND the Korean government is silent. We have to keep speaking out.


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