The World is Watching Korean Religious Society

remembergu_coercive conversion_cckA few days ago, a press conference/rally was held to urge disbanding of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK). What people – about a hundred NGOs and 3 million citizens – gathered and shouted out was that disband anti-nation, anti-society, anti-religion, and anti-peace organization CCK and enact a law to ban coercive conversion(To watch the video of the press conference/rally, click:


As in the video, the root, the early churches of CCK supported financially Japan, which was the aggressor in the WW2 and colonized the Korean peninsula. Considering their conduct, it is too suspicious to consider them as a religious one. What’s more, they killed people in the name of ‘purifying cult’ on behalf of the dictatorial government in the 1970s. Hence, it’s rather a political organization.


But now, what many organizations shouted with one voice is resounding as surprising news throughout the whole world.


– The Enquirer: This article is about what citizens ask in this rally.


– Indian Newslink: This article is about the reason why people urge to disband CCK and CCK’s corruption.


– Established Africa: This article is about CCK’s illegal act, quoting the spokesperson of the Human Rights Association for Victims of Coercive Conversion (HAC) in South Africa.


– VOXY: This article is also pointing out the coercive conversion of CCK like the article above.


–  Dockland News: Meet the article in PDF. It’s on page 15.


There are even more:

Berlin24 TV:

Impact European:

Index Stiri:

The world witnessed the corruption of the Korean religious society and now is spreading the word. This is the time the world looks forward to seeing how the Korean religious society will change.

2 thoughts on “The World is Watching Korean Religious Society

  1. Glad that global media coverage is spreading. Since Ms. Gu’s death, there have been 147 confirmed cases of coercive conversion in South Korea & dozens of people are still being unaccounted for. AND the Korean government is silent. We have to keep crying out to put this to an end once & for all


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