A Secret of A Religious Society

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A representative religious organization of a nation is not a religious one but functioning for political purposes, and even worse. Political society overlooks the organization abuses its power, commits crimes, and infringes human rights. Is this a conspiracy? Or a synopsis of a film? None of them. Surprisingly in Korea, it’s happening in real life.

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) is the ‘religious organization’ concealing its dark secrets above. It was an organization pro-Japanese activities when Korea was in the Japanese colonial era, then was renovated by the tyrannical Korean government in the past to perform political purposes. (For more detailed information, click this link: http://cafe.daum.net/scjschool/E4mY/setImmediate$0.6176413485818353$2) Also, it had been committing more crimes than they did in the past as I mentioned. The pastors in CCK sinning such as assault, murder and the last, not the least, coercive conversion.

Coercive conversion is kidnapping ‘Christians’ who do not belong to CCK and making them ‘Christians’ who believe in Presbyterian doctrine in CCK by force. Have you noticed why I put quotation marks? Conversion means changing one’s religion to something else, but CCK describes conversion as changing Christian into Christian. To break down their notion of conversion, it’s a brutal, caveman-like, and ridiculous behavior, kidnapping a believer from a church to their churches. Violation of human rights and even death caused in the process, but since the organization colluded with political society, the law to prevent those crimes from occurring is not made, and the coercive conversion pastors aren’t be punished at all. (To learn about the incident about a woman died from coercive conversion, click here: https://www.facebook.com/remembergu/posts/)

Unthinkable, unacceptable things in where we live are happening out there. We need to pay attention to it so that everyone’s human rights could be protected deservingly.

2 thoughts on “A Secret of A Religious Society

  1. Since Ms. Gu’s death, there have been 147 confirmed cases of coercive conversion in South Korea and dozens of people are still being confined in remote places against their will. AND the Korean government is silent. Why?


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