What is Happening in Religious Society in Korea?

ban coercive conversion_press conferenceOn 27th of Jan, 2019 11:00 a.m.(GMT+9), Press Conference and Rally to Call for the Shutdown of the Christian Council of Korea(CCK), an Anti-Nation, Anti-Society, Anti-Religion, and Anti-Peace Organization was held in Seoul, South Korea. About 100 non-governmental organization and 2 million citizens participated in this rally, accusing CCK’s corruption and urging disband of CCK.


ban coercive conversion_shincheonji_press conference_rally

On this day, the host of the press conference and rally revealed CCK’s corruption, which was a taboo to address among believers in CCK, by showing video and skit about the crime list of the pastors of CCK. Furthermore, they pointed out that even though CCK held an event to repent what they did in the past, worshiping Japanese god, their sincerity is questionable because the event was perfunctory and they are still committing crimes like coercive conversion and murder. After the accusation of CCK’s corruption, they urged the Korean government to enact a law to ban coercive conversion and punish coercive conversion for stopping coercive conversion, which oppresses religious freedom in human rights.

One thought on “What is Happening in Religious Society in Korea?

  1. Since Ms. Gu’s death in January 2008, there have been 147 confirmed cases of coercive conversion in South Korea. Pastors go unpunished. Moreover, dozens of people are still being confined in remote locations throughout South Korea against their will. AND the Korean government is silent. What will it take for them to address this?


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