“My Mom Goes to Shincheonji?” Shincheonji Graduate’s Confession


On 18th Nov., Seoul & Gyeonggi Joint Graduation for class 108 of Zion Christian Mission Center was held. This festive event of five tribes (John, Simon, Bartholomew, Matthew, and Seoul James) for 5,945 graduates was just exquisite. Well-known people came to give speeches, the Chairman encouraged and also celebrated graduates, and the performance for celebrating graduation was amazing. Every aspect of the event made perfection altogether.


To watch the performance that will give you the vibe of awe, click here: https://youtu.be/B_0feDUvWiE

However, above all the aspects, the most surprising point was the graduates’ confession of her constant persecution toward her mother who is also a Shincheonji member, due to the misleading directions from other Christians of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK).

Lee Jinju, one of a graduate of Shincheonji gave a graduation speech on behalf of all the graduates of class 108. As she told that she had been a persecutor of Shincheonji for 7 years before she became a Shincheonji member, it was enough to surprise the audiences.

“I had a war with my mom for 7 years. My family went through the terrible agony and the time can’t be rewound. People who falsely taught the prejudice and misleading view told me that my mom must to go to coercieve conversion programs,. They didn’t even believe the true God and manipulated me with lies, and they are to be blamed for causing the conflict between my family,” she stated.

She appealed that her family had been lived lives like hell after she found out that her mother goes to Shincheonji and the pastors of the established religious body alienated her and her mother, encouraging her to force her mother to coercive conversion program. The church where Ms. Lee attended ended the counseling, saying “live like you don’t have a mother”. She even ran in a street to hit by a car saying “If you don’t come out from Shincheonji, I will die”, as she learned from the seminar for dealing with cults.

Even though she treated her mother terribly, her mother soothed her with her kindness. She let her hair down as she communicated with her mother and as she studied in Zion mission center, she later realized that all the slanders towards Shincheonji were all false.

Ms. Lee said, “I’m rather happy to be the one who is being persecuted turning from the one who persecutes,” quoting Matthew 5:10. She also stated, “I believe all the words that the one who is persecuted for righteousness will gain the heaven, will be accomplished.”

Check out this clip about the corruption of CCK: https://youtu.be/R0eAdKvZ9no

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