Shincheonji Church, the 2nd story of ‘respecting the elderly’ “Let’s eat together.” campaign

Shincheonji Volunteer campaign that is entitled “Let’s eat together” was held by Shincheonji, the tabernacle of testimony, CheonAn church. On that day, various kinds of events were provided such as a food table called ‘Let’s talk’, food tables booths which have 8 stories including gratitude, blessing, etc, photo zone to deliver our mind to loved ones and survey board to look back our daily lives, entitled ‘How many times do you eat with your family a week?’

200 people participated in a survey and answered zero time at a questionnaire: “How many times did you eat with your family?”.

This brought realization to the younger generation about the fact that they don’t spend enough time to have meals with their family and lead them to feel sorry for that.

To learn more about the campaign, check this link:

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