Shincheonji Church of Jesus, 700 Graduates Produced in Republic of South Africa

On August 12th a graduation ceremony of Shincheonji Church (hereinafter referred as SCJ) was held in Republic of South Africa where the land is as passionate as the heat of the sun.Following Europe and the United States 694 graduates in South Africa mastered the Bible and entered the church.

Since 2012, South Africa Church was established with only 15 congregation members, and it has grew over 70% over the time. The growth of SCJ Church is expected to be even faster as around 20,000 members all around the world are waiting for their graduation.


The background of the dramatic growth is from the excellence of the Word.

The teachings are only based on the Bible that it satisfies the students, and moreover, it gives them a motive to study for over half a year and also to take a graduation test.

Seeing that over 200 graduates evangelize more than two people their excellence is not only in their perception of the Word but also in spreading the word.


Chairman-Man-Hee-Lee has urged the graduates to live a life of faith with a humble heart by saying “always be hungry and thirsty for righteousness, and try to learn and perceive as the Bible testifies that the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.”

Not only the graduates, but also those who believe in God and Jesus must have the same heart, right?

The SCJ church is waiting for those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness.

If you think you are the one, please contact us. Thank you.

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