Shall We Take a Test and See Who Really are the Children of God?


Shall we take a test and see who really are the children of God?

In general, you might think of a ‘test’ as something that you take at school or workplace, but ShincheonJi church (hereinafter referred to as SCJ) suggested to Christian Council of Korea (hereinafter referred to as CCK) that congregation members of each organization should take a test. It might sound very strange to take a test at church but why would this situation have happened?

The Presbyterian denomination, which is the majority of CCK, broke the 1st command of the Ten Commandments of God by bowing down to the Japanese emperor at the Japanese colonial era, support a politician to benefit themselves with a political purpose and buy and sell pastorships with money, and these actions are shameful before God, believers and the nation.

However, more than anything, the biggest sin they commit is that they teach the Bible based on lies and their own thoughts.

At the First Coming, Jesus told the Pharisees and teachers of the law that their father is the devil since they taught with lies and their own thoughts (Jn8:44).

Similarly, CCK is also sowing seeds of lies and making those believers who want to go to heaven as children of the devil, which is the most evil sin.


In order to reveal the true face of the CCK’s false teachings, SCJ has made videos of around 200 doctrine comparisons and testified the truth according to the Bible. Since those believers who realized the truth have left their church for SCJ, and therefore the number of congregation members has increased rapidly. As CCK is feeling the crisis, they try to ostracize SCJ in society by branding SCJ as a cult, spreading lies and mobilizing politicians, journalists and social leaders who are in CCK, and it is causing much chaos in the society.


This is the reason why SCJ suggested the test to CCK to avoid further arguments  and check who is true (orthodox) and who is false (heresy), and become a light of the world.

So here is our suggestion; each church selects a member and they take a test of 100 questions so we can figure out who is an orthodox and who is a heresy. It is quite an innovative thought, right?

Would CCK accept to take the test? What would be the result if your church and SCJ church takes the test?

Please leave us a comment if you have any questions. Thank you.

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