The Victory of Shincheonji, the New Heaven and New Earth



In the First Coming, Jesus said that he overcame the world and declared victory (Jn16:33). Who did Jesus triumph over and overcame? What does it have to do with me?
Approximately 2,000 years ago, there were Jews who believed in God.

They thought they believed in God properly but Jesus said the Pharisees and the teachers of the law belong to the devil since they lied and spoke of their own (Jn8:44). Also, Jesus said that the Israelites taught by them became twice as much as a son of hell as they were (Mt23:15). Israel, the nation of God, was taken into captivity by Satan and on the other hand, Jesus fulfilled God’s will that were written in the Old Testament and fought against the world ruled by Satan in order to save it.

Eventually – Jesus said “it is finished” after he fulfilled every prophecy of the Old Testament (Jn19:30). Hence we achieved the chance to receive salvation since Jesus overcame the world.


Jesus told us to be alert because false pastors would appear in the Second Coming as well (Mt24:5). He said that the world will be ruled over by Satan, but Jesus will overcome the world as he did in the First Coming, then he would fulfill every prophesy promised in the New Testament and complete the work of salvation (Rv21:6), which means that he overcomes once again.

So when, where, and how will Jesus fulfill the prophecies of the New Testament and how will the events of victory appear so that the event of salvation be fulfilled?
Didn’t you wait for the words of the prophecy to happen?

The prophecies of the New Testament have been fulfilled and appeared in South Korea today and Shincheonji is testifying the fulfillments that had appeared according to the New Testament and the Old Testament.

I sincerely hope that you could check out the article written by the messenger sent by God for the churches and take part in the work of salvation. If you want to talk with us, please feel free to leave us a comment. Thank you.


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