Two Kinds of Seeds and 144,000, the Firstfruits


When the word of God is in one’s heart, their thoughts and behaviors change, as well as their lives. Like so, God’s Words, which is parabolized as a seed, falls among people’s hearts and grows into a tree and bears fruits. (Luke8:9~15, Matthew 12:33~35)

There are two types of seeds : One being God’s Words, and the other being Satan’s seeds.By knowing what kind of seed is inside you, the seed grows into either a wheat or weed, and it will lead you into heaven or hell.

At the First Coming, Jesus prophesied that He had sown God’s seeds with the message about the kingdom, thatSatan will came and sow weeds among the wheat, and they will be remained until the end when the wheat will be harvested in God’s barn and the weeds will be burnt. (Matthews 13:24~39)

From then on, for around two thousand years, as Jesus has said, we can find many theories and thoughts that are not accounted in the bible. Thus we can see that there are many weeds that has been sown in Jesus’ field.

For example, Revelations 14 talks about 144,000 who are with Jesus on Mount Zion. and it says that they are the first fruits. It must mean thatthey are born withGod’s seed (Words). Do you know about these people?


One doctor of theology shares his explanation about this number (144,000), saying, that if we multiply the heavenly number 3(Father, Son, and the Spirit) and the earth’s number 4(North, East, South, West) it becomes the full number, which is 12. We were to then multiply it again by 12(the Old Testament’s Israel twelve tribes) x 12(Jesus’ disciples) x 1000(a very large number, Exodus 34:7) that will result as 144,000. Moreover, he added that the physical Israel and the spiritual Israel will all receive salvation.

Who decides the heavenly number and the earth’s number? Is 1000 the only large number that’s mentioned in the Bible? There are ‘twice ten thousand ‘ and ‘thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand’ as well. The above statement is only a lie to try to falsely fit the Bible’s Words, and this is sowing Satan’s seeds (words) and making congregation members as Satan’s children.

Who decided the heavenly number and the earth’s number? Is 1000 the only large number that’s mentioned in the Bible? There are ‘two hundred thousand thousand’ and ‘thousands’ as well. The statement above is merely a lie that’s created to falsely fit the Bible’s Words, and this action is sowing Satan’s seeds (words) and making church people Satan’s children.

How does your pastor explain about this number (144,000) in his sermons?

Can believers go to Heaven even when they do not know about these facts?

The Bible says that the wheat will be harvested and sent to God’s barn. Are you still out in the field or are you being harvested into God’s barn?

Find out for more through the original text and other articles given through a messenger whom Jesus sent for the churches. I hope that it would be an opportunity for you to find enlightenment in God’s words and the Bible.

This post is written in order to help you all understand the words of the Promised Pastor sent by Jesus Christ for the Churches (Revelations 22:16). Those who have any questions, feel free to message me!


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