The Truth about Shincheonji Church

Shincheonji is a church different from other Korean churches in that it seeks to fulfill the qualification of becoming a sealed disciple through continuous exams and bible studies in order to keep the Bible’s Words. In order to come into the Church one must take an exam and even after that one must continually take tests in order to fulfill the qualification of a true believer. Different from other churches, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus strives to keep the Word of Bible through exams regardless of gender or age.


Among Christianity’s extraordinary progress and growth in the world’s history, ‘persecution’ is something that cannot be omitted. History proves that there was ‘persecution’ whilst Christianity was growing. Let’s look at Korea’s history of Christianity. The Christian society is divided into different organizations, such as The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) and The Communion Churches of Korea (CCIK), and they are playing in their own separate leagues.

Aside from them, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus is currently showing remarkable growth rates. The CCK and the CCIK are currently persecuting Shincheonji by marking them as a cult, but this is not really a big problem. It is because both groups are labeling Shincheonji as a cult without looking at the Bible, which is the most important factor when labeling a cultIsn’t it funny? They are arguing what’s and what’s not a cult by omitting the ‘Bible’ which is the most important standard of faith.

With Bible as a standard, Shincheonji lets people enter the Church after the six months of process at the Zion Christian Mission Center. This is how the physical entity of the harvested and sealed 12 tribes of the 144,000 is made according to the promises in the Bible. The believer who finishes this process becomes God’s first fruits as promised in the Bible.


It is not without ‘presecution’ that people come to Shincheonji. If ‘persecution’ was only limited to physical persecutions in the past, today is shown in many variations. Especially in the CCK, they persecute and abuse Shincheonji believers severely by splitting their family relations apart and making people take leave of absence against their will through ‘coercive conversion program’. Because of these persecutions we had to say goodbye to two very precious souls.

But Shincheonji Church believers have faith in the promises that were fulfilled according to the Bible and the promises made by God, and this is why every year they have a surprising growth rate. On the other hand, CCK had currently lost 800 million believers as well as losing one’s qualification as a pastor by doing all sorts of wrong doings that are against the Bible, such as bribery elections, making up God’s Words, and giving pastorships to people who did not even studied at a theology school. Despite all these, they are currently persecuting Shincheonji. People should make a decision with a correct standard.

shincheonji graduation ceremony1

People with a biased point of view decide and believes everything based on that biased look. Shincheonji holds various events including: the ‘Examination to Put the New Covenant We Must Keep into Action’, volunteer events, patriotic martyrs memorial days, and more. While the CCK squabbles amongst them, Shincheonji does good deeds for the country and the society. People should come and see Shincheonji’s achievements with their own eyes.

One thought on “The Truth about Shincheonji Church

  1. A brilliant short and concise article – thank you. Shincheonji Church is being fulfilled exactly according to the promises of the Bible. I need to continually remind myself of the sacrifice the early Christians made for me to have this word today


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