Shincheonji Volunteers finishes painting 262 feet wall


On June 24th, a child and her mother who came to the park to play are painting the wall with a brush.

About 80 members of Shincheonji Volunteers Seoul and Gyeonggi branch painted a mural at Won Chon senior club’s park.

This is the 6th event of ‘Story of Mural Painting’. Story of Mural Painting is a name of an activity in which Shincheonji volunteers paints the wall with mural to positively change the atmosphere of the surrounding area.Continuing from last spring, the remaining space was filled with mural to decorate local’s resting area. The whole length of the mural is 80 meters.

Heon Tae Kim, a 62 years old local living in Su Taek-dong, said as he was taking pictures in front of the painted mural with his grandson “We will visit again to take a photo together with the whole family members”.

Elders from Won Chon senior club remarked “We are grateful to the volunteers who are giving away free lunch boxes (pink bojagi) every week and a free haircut. I feel like we are receiving so much. I also want to thank them for preparing our resting area with this volunteering event”.

A young member from the volunteers said “It is always easier said than done. I didn’t expect drawing to be such a delicate work. However, I felt really proud when the passers-by complimented saying the mural looked beautiful and cute. I am happy that I volunteered for this event”.


**  The article is published at the Times –

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