War and Peace between God and Satan

Last May, many were appalled at the suicide bombing terror that took place in Indonesia, which involved a 10 year old girl.

Aside from religious wars and terrorism, how long are we supposed to withstand people hating and fighting each other at works, schools, and even their own homes?

In this world, there are many peace activists and philanthropists as well as books that record teachings of saints and great people who did acts of love and charity. But why is the world so corrupt? Do you know the reason?



As proper parents make proper families, and as proper teachers make proper schools and students, it’s only natural for people to take after their superintendents.

From how the global world is rampant with war, division, hatred, discord, we can only assume that the world’s superintendent is a being called ‘Satan’.

God, who created this global world gave Adam and Eve all creation as their inheritance, but Satan who was part of God’s creation, wanted to become God himself and thus betrayed God by deceiving Adam and Eve with lies and making them and all of God’s creation as his own. And from that time on there was a war between God, who wants to recover His world, and Satan, who wants to continue to rule over this creation.



Who will win this war? Can this Earth become peaceful in the end? What kind of plans does God have?

Find out for more through the original text, and I hope that it would become an opportunity for you to find enlightenment in God’s words and the Bible.

This post is written in order to help you all understand the words of the Promised Pastor sent by Jesus Christ for the Churches (Revelations 22:16). Those who have any questions, feel free to message me!


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