How can we believe that the spirits of the dead do not die, but go either to Heaven or to Hell?


There are times when people meet and converse with their dead parents, siblings, celebrities, or friends when they are half-asleep or are in their illusions.

This is the proof of the existence of the spirits of the dead, just as one’s own spirit exists in one’s dreams.

It’s not like people die and then go find the way to Heaven; rather, it is the Heaven and God who are coming down to this earth (refer to Jn. 14:2~3, Rev. 21:1-7).

When this time comes, there is judgment for the living and the dead. They receive judgment according to what they had done as recorded in the books(the Bible), and are sent either to Hell or to Heaven (Rev. 20:11~15).

Ask a corpse of the dead.

He would not be able to answer, as a corpse does not have his spirit inside.


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