The Twelve Tribes of Shincheonji



신천지 열두지파

Then I heard the number of those who were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel. [Rev. 7:4]

The kingdom of God that appeared in each era were in 12 tribes.

During the days of the Old Testament, Jacob received the name “the one who overcame”, in other words “Israel”, and became the root of the 12 tribes of physical Israel. Jesus, who came to the land of Judea, and also overcame the world(Jn. 16:30, Mt. 4, Lk. 4), created the 12 tribes of spiritual Israel through his 12 disciples(12 tribes). The 12 tribes that appeared in the Old Testament times and the First Coming, appear once again in the Second Coming – the time of Revelation.



In Revelation 7, there is the work of harvesting the 144,000 at the harvest time and sealing them with the Word. The place where the 144,000 get sealed is Mount Zion of Revelation 14, and these sealed 144,000 are called the firstfruits (Jas. 1:18). These 144,000 are the 12 tribes, created by being sealed with God’s seal.


The 12 tribes of New Spiritual Israel that God established is a new one which had never existed in the past. It is the one and the only kingdom and the only temple of God in the whole world. These 12 tribes are established with the names of the 12 tribes of the Old Testament times as well as the names of Jesus’ disciples. God said that those who do not belong to these 12 tribes at the time of the end are not people of God’s Kingdom. Thus, the 12 tribes of Shincheonji are working to announce Shincheonji to all the world and at the same time to heal all the nations.

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