Summer is coming!! I need an iced Caffe Latte

fresh his master

Summer is Coming~~!!


Do you like iced Cafe Latte?  (oh.. Caffe has red-line on this wordpress…)
For me, I really like Latte! especially summer, we need an iced beverage.. :p
My friend is a barista, so I used to visit her shop.. because she offers Large size~ cheaper than others.. very reasonable!! hehe

Anyway.. when we are hot, we usually find cooler beverages or a fan, cooling machine!! It helps lowing the body temperature and us feel better, right?  Last Saturday, it was hot here… I wished it would be raining.. :p You can feel the image of the Iced Caffe Latte that the light!! I didn’t attempt to take this picture because I’m not a good photographer..

I thought that only this beverage made me feel better at once.. 🙂 At this time, this verse comes to me.. ( I was thankful that I could have the Bible verses in my mind and think God’s grace anytime.. and I always prays that I follow God’s will and do not be deceived or lured into the betrayers who are against God’s will.)

Like the coolness of snow at harvest time is a trustworthy messenger to those who send him; he refreshes the spirit of his masters. – Pr25:13

“Pr” is abbreviation of Proverbs, which has a lot of famous life-quotes, teaching-quotes for our lives.


How about you? Have you been like the coolness of snow at harvest time or hottest time for someone? Have you refreshed someone’s mind?

It would be very happy that there are people who think us as the coolness of snow at harvest time or hottest time.. very proud!! good for our self-confidence!! And I also thank others who refresh my mind. Lovely lives~

I hope I can refresh my dearest family, friends and coworkers.. Especially, God and Jesus..  hmm… than this question for me, am I a trustworthy messenger..? Ah… not yet.. I try. There would be some people who have same question as mine.. Let’s keep trying!! not to fall down~! The person who falls seven times and then rises again is the righteous man!!

I wish you all have great day, today and refresh at least one person’s mind~! such as ourselves..

First, Love ourselves.
and Love others.
help others
sharing our loves makes better world.

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